Data and Abilities

Where you need them, and when you need them.

Virtual Assistant & Comprehensive Dashboard

Streamline your workflow with Oblina. Say goodbye to juggling multiple virtual services and accounts. Access all your custom services through one intuitive interface, whether it's email, text, chat, or simple button press.

Meet Oblina

Harness the power of multiple AI services and your data in one place. Oblina can answer your questions, provide detailed reports, update information, and much more.

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Optimize your business work flow and customer experience with custom solutions. Automate repetitive tasks and integrate with existing systems.


Integrate Multiple Data Sources

Connect your Assistant and Dashboard to as many applications as you use to access your data and perform various actions

  • Upload Files And Images
  • Complete or Request Forms
  • Automate Emails
  • Create Invoices or Subscriptions
  • Request Project or Customer Data
  • Create Service Requests
Connect To Hardware and IoT devices

Tablets, Label Printers, Scales, Cameras, and more can all be integrated into your process. Give employees the tools and data they need to get the job done efficently and correctly. 

  • Create Shipping or Stock Labels
  • Track Items with RFID
  • Collect Weights
  • Clip items from cameras
  • Custom Kiosks


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