Our Services

We off an unlimited rage of services built around your businesses needs.

AI Assistant

Utilize different AI functions through one application tied in with your data.

  • Constantly learning and adapting to new features
  • Supports communication via text, email, and phone
  • Accesses and utilizes business data and permissions
  • Handles repetitive tasks and learns to automate functions

Custom Hardware + Software Integrations

Create custom integrations for you, your employees, and or customers.

  • AI and microservices offer worker augmentation possibilities.
  • Setting up, paying for, and maintaining staff credentials can be tedious and expensive. Many apps/services may offer unnecessary options.
  • Pay for services via TNTCLE Token and utilize services on an as-needed basis. 

    Examples include:

    • Generating images or content with AI
    • Converting files
    • Reading text and processing data
    • And more!

Custom Forms + Displays

Custom forms, or displays for specific functions.

  • Custom forms, or displays for specific functions. 
  • Upload files and use OCR and AI to fill out forms, receive inventory, create estimates and more.
  • Manage different functions in production or in the field.
  • Connect in with various api’s and data points. 
  • Build custom apps to assist in complicated process and functions
  • Create approval and Job kickoff work flows

Customized Live Reporting & Analytics

  • Build custom report dashboards and screens. 
  • Automate notifications based on certain metrics.

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