Data and Abilities

Where you need them, and when you need them.

Connect With Many Applications

Connect your Assistant and Dashboard to as many applications as you use to access your data and perform various actions. 

  • Upload Files And Images
  • Complete or Request Forms
  • Automate Emails
  • Create Invoices or Subscriptions
  • Request Project or Customer Data
  • Create Service Requests
Multi service - one system virtual assistant & dashboard

Utilize multiple services through one platform, securing access to your business data, and giving your business a huge boost in productivity. 

Meet Oblina 

Has access to multiple AI services, and your data. Can answer questions, provide reports, update information & more...

Connect To Hardware and IoT devices

Tablets, Label Printers, Scales, Cameras, and more can all be integrated into your process. Give employees the tools and data they need to get the job done efficently and correctly. 

  • Create Shipping or Stock Labels
  • Track Items with RFID
  • Collect Weights
  • Clip items from cameras
  • Custom Kiosks


Optimize, Automate, and Integrate

Optimize your business work flow and customer experience with custom solutions. Automate repetitive tasks and integrate with existing systems.

The Assistant

Employees, and Customers can communicate with a virtual assistant who will attempt to answer questions and perform tasks. If the assistant is unable to help, the request will be forwarded to a human. This assistant can communicate via text, voice, the website, and email.


Our experts will work with your business to build optimal strategies to drive efficiency and improve workflow in your business. Our Experts can help design and build custom solutions, and integrate with existing systems or applications.

The Dashboard

Incorporate custom displays, dashboards, kiosks, reports, and action for admins, employees, and customers. The information and abilities your business needs will be at your fingertips.

The Site

A modern site that customers will enjoy interacting with. Collect payments, schedule appointments, custom forms, manage customer profiles, and more.

Read Case Studies

Partnering with TNTCLE has been a game-changer for our operations. Their AI-driven solutions have not only streamlined our workflows but also unlocked new levels of efficiency and accuracy that we didn't think were possible. The automation of routine tasks has allowed our team to focus on strategic initiatives, driving forward innovation and growth.


As a small business owner, I was initially skeptical about the impact that AI-driven automation could have on our operations. However, TNTCLE completely changed my perspective. Their solutions have not only improved our overall productivity but also enhanced the quality of our services. The ease of integration and the scalability of their tools have been impressive.


Implementing TNTCLE's AI-driven automation into our business processes has significantly improved our decision-making and operational efficiency. The insights provided by their platform are both actionable and accurate, leading to improved customer satisfaction and operational cost savings. What stands out the most is their commitment to tailoring their solutions to fit our unique business needs, making it feel like a truly bespoke experience. I


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Here are the answers to some of our common questions. 

What kind of businesses do you offer services to.

We offer services to a variety of different businesses that are engaged in production or service based businesses. Help manage projects both on the floor and in the field.